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Colby Stewart, MD, FACS

Trust Your Vision to a Visionary

Dr. Colby Stewart is an artist and innovator in the field of laser cataract surgery. His award-winning skill and surgical invention have helped evolve the precision and predictability of cataract surgery results. With charismatic care and industry-leading technology, Dr. Stewart provides personalized oversight – start to finish – to ensure each patient receives excellent results. Since 2006, Colby has helped thousands of patients with cataracts regain their work, play and enjoy life.


Dr. Stewart has always known that he was going to help people with their vision. Raised in Houston, Texas, by his mother and his father, the late Dr. Robert Stewart, Colby was constantly surrounded by the nation's leading ophthalmologists and their patients. Dr. Robert Stewart was one of the original founding doctors at Houston Eye and eventually helped create one of the largest ophthalmology group practices in the United States.


  • Dr. Colby Stewart graduated from the University of Texas Ophthalmology residency program in Galveston in 1996. He completed a six-month fellowship in oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery before moving to Tennessee.
  • He later received his specialty certification in 1998 by the American Board of Ophthalmology.
  • In 2009, Dr. Stewart was one of the first to become re-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.


  • From 1997 to 2003 Dr. Stewart worked in Middle Tennessee with local eye care providers and optometrists as their primary surgeon performing oculoplastic procedures, topical anesthetic cataract surgery, glaucoma procedures and a new form of refractive surgery called LASIK.
  • In 1998 Dr. Stewart was the first surgeon to perform LASIK surgery in Cookeville and quickly became recognized across Middle Tennessee for his surgical skills.
  • Dr. Stewart developed tracking and goal adjusting software for his LASIK practice. Many doctors, including Dr. Stewart, still use this software today to monitor their results and to insure that patients are good candidates for LASIK.
  • Dr. Stewart returned to Texas to join his father at the Houston Eye Associates in 2003 where he received extensive training in management and surgical treatment of glaucoma.
  • He has been a primary and secondary investigator in multiple FDA studies for new advances in both topical medications, surgical instrumentation and intraocular lens implants.


  • Dr. Stewart was the first surgeons to invest in the IntraLase laser, a specialized laser that is used in LASIK surgery to create the corneal flap with extreme accuracy.
  • He later invented an instrument specifically used with the FS200, the Stewart Vibrating IntraLase Spatula.
  • Dr. Stewart was one of the first surgeons to perform topical anesthetic cataract surgery rather than the customary retrobulbar block (needle) allowing his patients could see immediately after surgery and avoid the use of a bulky patch.
  • Dr. Stewart was the first surgeon in Tennessee to use the Toric intraocular lens, helping to eliminate corneal astigmatism. He also implants multifocal premium intraocular lenses that help patients see without glasses for both near and far vision after cataract surgery.
  • Dr. Stewart has been published in Ocular Surgery News for new advancements and efficiencies in topical cataract surgery. He is one of the most experienced multifocal implant surgeons in Houston.

Awards & Certifications 

  • PS250 Premier Surgeons – an elite group of the nation's top 250 surgeons in the field of IntraOcular Lens surgery honoring those who are innovators pioneering the field of IOL technology, researchers optimizing patient outcomes, and educators sharing their knowledge.
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Surgeons
  • American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons
  • American Board of Ophthalmology
  • International Society of Refractive Surgeons
  • Top 10 Best Rated Doctors in Houston
  • Doctors of Excellence


  • Dr. Stewart spends his summer months deep sea fishing and his winter months in South Texas hunting deer and quail.
  • He is an avid photographer and enjoys traveling with his family and friends.
  • Dr. Stewart is dedicated to his practice and going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that his patients have the best surgical outcome, and have a positive experience.

The Stewart Cataract Staff

Meet Your Personal Care Team

Why do our patient's love us? We care. We spend time getting to know our patients and their unique eye care needs. Although the Stewart Cataract team is one of the most talented and experienced in the industry, we believe the magic behind our results comes from a sincere personal commitment to providing you with the attention, information, skill and care you need. 

Alfred Sterling Jr.

Certified Ophthalmic Assistant

Alfred joined Dr. Stewart’s team in 2006 after serving in the armed forces for 24 years as an ophthalmic assistant. He brings not only his expertise and skills but also a high level of professionalism and a cheerful attitude during clinical procedures. He also administers pre- and post-operative instructions to our patients.

Aida Balderas

Medical Secretary

Aida has been Dr. Stewart’s secretary since 1990. She is responsible for coordinating the day-to-day operations of our very busy practice.

Tammy Parsons

Surgical Coordinator

Tammy Parsons has been involved with ophthalmology for over 30 years. Her credentials include; certified ophthalmology technician, office administrator, and surgical coordinator. Her experience makes her an expert on new technology implants as well as laser cataract surgery. Tammy had multifocal implants in both eyes over 7 years ago by Dr. Stewart. She no longer wears glasses for distance or reading.

Yvette Gonzales

Surgical Consultant

Ms. Gonzales has twenty-three years business experience. As a former regional director for optometric offices and vision stores, she specializes in marketing, sales, customer service and administration of seven business sites with diverse staffing. Organization of health fairs, sales promotion, design of displays and building design enable her to provide services in many arenas. Yvette has been part of our team since December 2008 – coordinating lectures and building relationships with our network of doctors.

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